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These programs are specific to a particular school or problem. Please contact Ironwood Computing before download to make sure the file will help you.

To download a file, click once on the underlined link of the item you want, then follow the instructions on the screen.

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Latest Scanner Programs

SCAN.ZIP 6/7/10

Latest version of programs for the portable scanner

Batch file to Update Scanner Programs

UPSCAN.BAT - 2/10/03

This is needed to load the scanner update.

Instructions for Updating Scanner Programs

UPSCAN.TXT - 2/8/00

Open this file or save to disk then open in Notepad


Change Year For Sasi XP Files


Changes the Sasi XP file names to match the new school year. If you are using Sasi XP, this program needs to be run each year before you can import the new student information.

Batch File to Install UPSASIYR

INSTUPSY.BAT - 5/24/01

This is needed to install the program to change the Sasi XP file names.

Instructions for Running UPSASIRY

UPSASIYR.TXT - 7/17/00

Open this file or save to disk then open in Notepad


ABC District


The latest version of the district program.

Batch File To Update District ABC

UPDIST.BAT 7/13/05

Batch file to update the district program.


Conversion Programs


Imports student data into ABC.

Misc Programs

Download miscellaneous programs

Misc Programs TEXT

Download miscellaneous programs TEXT



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